9 Feb 2017

a news diet

Submitted by matthias

I hate the news. Well, I don't hate news, but I've stopped tracking news because I hate the way they are. Don't get me wrong, I want to be informed, but that's not what has been happening. There is a lot of talk about the liberal media or the right-leaning media. News does not lean. At all. So I ignored the news and the most important things always found a way to me regardless.

I'm just tired of the news.

I'm also tired of always surprising my wife with all the things I have not heard about.

6 Jan 2017

Rediscovering running

Submitted by matthias

I used to love running. As a teenager, I would go for runs routinely. I wasn't part of a team and didn't compete. Running gave me a joy. It offered a strong sense of pushing myself. Generally that meant for speed rather than distance. I would run for an hour or so through the woods near home and try to improve my time for a given route.

I wasn't religious about running. Sometimes I'd take off extended periods and frequently I wouldn't run at all during the winter months. I never really enjoyed the cold air burning in my lungs.

15 Mar 2015

Mailbox makes Inbox Zero easy

Submitted by matthias

I've had an email account for a long time. I remember when every email was exciting. That was a mighty long time ago. At one point I wrote about the dread of email as I discovered Inbox Zero and managed to reach a new found un-dread of email.

For the most part I've been happily chugging along. While I have not always been at Inbox Zero, it's been a much better feeling.

2 Mar 2015

I've been thinking about "work". The word itself has a lot of meaning. For some there is importance, fulfillment, challenge. For others it carries less positive attributes such as obligation, tedium, dread.

I myself am fairly ambivalent and depending on the day I can have positve or negative feelings associated with work.

Overall I don't spend much time thinking about work.

11 Dec 2013

I spend a lot of time communicating. Since I work from home most of the time, much of my communication takes place electronically. Working from outside the office greatly reduces the number interruptions. However, it also makes it impossible for people to see if you are very busy before interrupting you.

I have found that it helps a lot to share how you approach communications. For me it comes down to mostly three methods:

24 Mar 2013

In my line of work, and I'm sure many others, there are often conflicting interests between day to day things that need to happen and bigger, more interesting things that are important. Sometimes it feels like the difference between unclogging the toilet and building a swimming pool ... yeah, the pool would sure be nice, but nobody wants to see the toilet overflow.

In the end it comes down to conflicting priorities and over the past short while I've been contemplating the difference and relationship between tasks and projects.


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